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Bartenders and Flair Bartenders

​Could you tend bar for Ace People?

If so, we are currently recruiting excellent new staff to join our already dynamic team.  Good bar tending skills can make or break a party, so we make sure that every bar person completes our full in-house training programme.

You’ll need a few key attributes; attentiveness, pride in your appearance, creativity, confidence,  affability and a touch of common sense never goes amiss! The foremost thought of our entire bar tending team is always to provide our clients with the perfect drink at just the right moment; and always with a charming smile.

Flair Bar Tenders

Are you the missing ingredient to transform a great party into something extra special? If you are an experienced Flair Bar Tender who can perform exciting displays to entertain guests, then you could be the person we are looking for.  These charismatic characters pull out all the stops to deliver our tantalising drinks in style.  

We rely on our Flair Bar Tenders to wow and dazzle our clients and their guests with their performance skills and delicious cocktails. So if you think you have what it takes to give parties that extra pizzazz, give us a call.


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